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Don't plan
  because of fear.

Plan because
   you care
..about the future
of your family, employees, and customers. 

Go forward
  with confidence
When bad things  happen, and they do, rely on your foresight and good planning to give you grounding and  support as you lead your business back to full recovery. 

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  Good Planning is Good Business  

Research shows that after a business disaster, approximately 25%
of unprepared businesses are not able to effectively re-open their doors.
An IBM Business Recovery study found that 50% of the businesses who
did re-open without a BCM Plan were out of business within two years.


Fate favors the prepared
- Louis Pasteur


Jim Christensen
Certified Business Continuity Planner

815-477-3655 | Cell 815-342-0415

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Listen as Jim Explains BCM     

Disaster Strikes

It's just a fact of life. We don't want to think about it. We have better things to do. But even minor "disasters" such as accidentally erasing a critical file on your billing system can severely impact your ability to do business.

I'm the first to say it. I hope that my good work for you never gets used. That may sound odd asking you to pay for a plan that I hope you will never use. But it's true. At the same time, I would never want you to be without a solid Business Continuity Plan because I know and you know that sometimes bad things do happen to good people.

Weather, for instance, plays no favorites.

That's a headline from a recent Northwest Herald front page story.  Experts say "It's only a matter of time before a major tornado strikes McHenry and Kane Counties."

Weather patterns have been shifting all over the globe. Even when the risk is KNOWN, many companies are unprepared. Why? Because they don't know how. Because they think it "won't happen here."  Because "I have insurance." (Insurance may give you money but it won't restore your business data and production processes.)

Reasons won't mean a thing ...
when you need the BCP that you don't have.

That's where I can help. I can help you be prepared.

I have years of experience in Business Continuity Planning in a larger corporate environment. I've taken special training and am Certified to do this work. Now, even the smaller business can benefit from my experience and training. Call or email me today. Let me give you a quick assessment of your situation and some costs to help you decide how you want to proceed (or not). I'm not a high pressure sales person. In fact, I'm not really a sales person at all. I'm a Business Continuity Planner. That's what I do best. That's what I want to do for you.

All my best, Jim Christensen, CBCP     



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