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Don't plan
  because of fear.

Plan because
   you care
..about the future
of your family, employees, and customers. 

Go forward
  with confidence
When bad things  happen, and they do, rely on your foresight and good planning to give you grounding and  support as you lead your business back to full recovery. 

  Business Continuity Planning for Medical  
Health Practices have Special Needs

Your business is a people serving business. In a disaster your services are needed more than ever. Certainly your regular patients need you but a disaster may bring many new people to your door who need your professional help to regain their health and wellness.

For your practice, a Business Continuity Plan is essential because it's not just about your business. It's about your patients and the needs of a community recovering from a traumatic event that may have affected people physically, emotionally, and spiritually. People will need your help.

We take these special concerns into account when designing a Business Continuity Plan for health care providers. We develop scenarios that will keep you going with the equipment and resources you need to keep your care giving ... giving!

Please contact me now. Let's talk about how to approach a unique BCP for your practice. One that will keep your services available to the community when they are most needed.

I very much look forward to working with you on this special priority project.

All my best,
Jim Christensen, CBCP

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