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What Is BCM
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Don't plan
  because of fear.

Plan because
   you care
..about the future
of your family, employees, and customers. 

Go forward
  with confidence
When bad things  happen, and they do, rely on your foresight and good planning to give you grounding and  support as you lead your business back to full recovery. 

  Frequently Asked Questions  

Having a Professional Business Continuity Management Program
in place can enable your business to effectively react to and
recover from a business disaster.

Listen as Jim Explains BCM   

bulletWhat is a Business Continuity Plan?

Pre-determined set of action lists that enable the staff to
   effectively react to unplanned events and recover functionality
Pre-determined crisis communication process for
   communicating with staff, customers, vendors, regulators,
   and the media
Pre-determined resource information to support the action
   lists, crisis communication process, and overall plan
The components of a good plan answer the questions:

- Who?
- What?
- When?
- Where?
- How?

bulletWhat are the steps of creating a BCM plan?

Strategic decision making
Creating a Business Continuity Plan
Maintaining and exercising the Business Continuity Plan

bulletWhat is the Business Continuity Management Methodology
used by Jim Christensen?

Conducting a Business Impact Analysis = Fact Finding
Conducting a Risk Assessment = Identifying Threats
   and Vulnerabilities
Developing Business Continuity Strategies = Treatment Plan
Creating a Business Continuity Plan = What to Do After
   the Disaster Strikes
Educating the Staff on the Business Continuity Plan
    = Awareness
Regularly Exercising the Business Continuity Plan = Proof
    of Concept
Implementing Ongoing Maintenance of the
    Plan = Periodic Check-ups and Adjustments

bulletWhat is a business disaster?

A business disaster is an event which causes the disruption of business operations that stops your business from providing its critical services and products to its customers.

bulletWhat are some causes of a business disaster?

Power outages, fires, broken water pipes, gas leaks, severe weather, a nearby hazardous material incident, a telephone outage, water leaks, vendor failure, a computer hacker, workplace violence, equipment failure, an act of terrorism that impacts your region, and events yet to come.

bulletWhat are the benefits of having a Business Continuity Management Program?

Increase the probability that your company will survive
   and continue as a viable business
Meet legal or regulatory requirements
Meet requirements your customers may require or demand
Avoid the loss of customer confidence
Avoid the loss of your competitive edge
Avoid the loss of investor confidence
Expedite return to profitability
Provide a competitive edge in business proposals
Meet insurance requirements
Reduce liability exposure of corporate officers
Comply with your corporate charter
Comply with internal or external audit requirements
Ensure safety and continued employment for yourself
   and employees

bulletWhy not do the plan myself?

Professionally certified Business Continuity Management
   Consultants have experience that drives the program deeply
   into your business to really work when you need it.
Your business is running your business. While we will need
    some of your time and support of your staff, a professional
    BCM planner will minimize the amount of your time
    investment by guiding you through a thorough and
    efficient process.

bulletHow much does it cost?

Cost depends on the size and type of the business. Plans can be scaled to cover only the most critical elements of your business or to include all processes that may be affected by a business stopping event. Talk with Jim for a free consultation and project cost projection.

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