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Why BCM?
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Don't plan
  because of fear.

Plan because
   you care
..about the future
of your family, employees, and customers. 

Go forward
  with confidence
When bad things  happen, and they do, rely on your foresight and good planning to give you grounding and  support as you lead your business back to full recovery. 

  Why Business Continuity Management  
bulletNatural disasters

- Fires
- Snow storms/blizzards
- Ice storms
- Thunder/electrical storms
- Floods
- High winds
- Tornadoes

bulletHuman errors and accidents
bulletHuman Intentional:

- Strikes/Labor Disputes
- Sabotage
- Vandalism
- Theft
- Terrorism
- Arson
- Computer viruses
- Bombs and bomb threats
- Workplace violence

bulletExtended absence or death of key personnel
bulletLoss of utilities

- Electricity
- Water
- Communications
- Gas
- Internet

bulletEquipment failures

- Information systems
- Telecommunications
- Websites

bulletSupplier/Vendor failure
bulletTransportation Problems

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